Activities for Kinesthetic Learners

Activities for Kinesthetic LearnersI'm not a Kinesthetic learner so thinking of activities for Kinesthetic learners is challenging. To make your life easier, here you'll find activities that myself and other parents have used successfully with our Kinesthetic learners. Using an idea with a proven track-record beats trial and error any day!

My favorite activity for Kinesthetic learners involves simply "doing" what they are learning.

Below is an invitation to share your favorite teaching ideas and a collection of activities from other parents of Kinesthetic children.

Need fresh ideas for teaching your Kinesthetic learner? Or, do you have a successful idea to share? Share your own success stories.

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What's Your Favorite Teaching Idea For Kinesthetic Learners?

Help other parents teach their Kinesthetic learners successfully. Share your favorite teaching idea...

Your Favorite Activities for Kinesthetic Learners

Click on the links below to find activities you can use with your Kinesthetic learner. These inspiring ideas were written by parents of Kinesthetic children who have visited this page...

Dry Erase Board for Kinesthetic Writing & Sensory Integration Issues 
My 9 yr. old kinesthetic learner also battles sensory integration issues and writing for him is a struggle. He has the ideas and can articulate well, but …

Keeping Hands Busy While Reading Aloud 
There is nothing more distracting while reading aloud than kids bouncing off the walls. I have two Kinesthetic learners who homeschool together and read …

Use Pictures in a Textbook to Inspire Hands-on Projects Not rated yet
Use pictures in a textbook to inspire hands-on projects. This is an easy way to make textbooks (or any book) more active and interesting for Kinesthetic …

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