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FREE Lesson Plans from Custom Homeschool Curriculum
May 01, 2009

FREE Lesson Plans 
from Custom Homeschool Curriculum

Improving Your Child's Learning

Welcome to this month's issue of FREE Lesson Plans From Custom Homeschool Curriculum!

The FREE Lesson Plans e-zine brings you lesson plans, activities, teaching tips, and  encouragement for your child's success. Learn how to eliminate learning problems, accelerate learning and improve your child's confidence!

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Volume II, Issue 5
May 2009

In This Issue:

1. Hello From Jena - Learning Styles Affects Your Child's Future - My Husband's Story
2. What's New - How To Homeschool Kinesthetic Learners
3. Testimonials/Comments/Feedback
4. Lesson Ideas - The Older Teach The Younger
5. Learning Styles - Unlock Your Child's Gifts
6. Teaching Tip - Improve Spelling For Visual Spatial Learners
7. Get and Stay Organized
8. Answers - Single Curriculum vs. Mix & Match
9. Curriculum Review - Mathematics Their Way K-2
10. Encouragement - You Are Important!
11. Curriculum Recommendations
12. FREE Lesson Plans  - Carry On Mr. Bowditch
13. Free Homeschooling Resources - Updated!
14. Back Issues

1. Hello from Jena

Learning Styles Affects Your Child's Future - My Husband's Story!

A couple of nights ago my husband was watching Doing DaVinci, a new show on The Discovery Channel. It changed his life and here's why...

My husband never did well in school. He tried a junior college but didn't do well there either. He is very artistic and decided to pursue a degree at an art school. He received straight 'A's but didn't fit into the "art culture". He isn't a typical artist-type. So he dropped out.

For his entire life he felt he didn't fit in anywhere. He wondered why he was gifted at art yet loved to build things and work with tools. It's been a source of frustration and has kept him from pursuing a true career.

Until Doing DaVinci. That show put it all together for him. The show is about several guys that are re-creating DaVinci's inventions. As each guy was introduced he described himself as an artist and builder/designer.

The light bulb went on! My husband didn't feel like a mis-fit anymore. He realized there is a purpose to being artistic and mechanical. (And he's been out in his shop designing and building ever since!)

My husband's learning style profile reveals that he is a Visual-Spatial, Mechanical-Reasoning, Thinking-Creating learner. If this information was known (and used) while he was young he would have understood himself and been supported in his gifts.

(Notice that these gifts are not typically supported in schools - machine shop and art classes are the first to get the budget ax and are considered electives - not academic classes.)

So, I want to encourage you to find out your child's learning style. Then use that information to give your child purpose and a place in life. Encourage those gifts! Even if they don't seem very "academic" or "college bound".

When your child is comfortable and confident in how he/she is wired and gifted then the possibilities for the future are endless. 

Knowing your child's learning style will change your child's future!

To Your Child's Success!

2. What's New at Custom Homeschool Curriculum

How To Homeschool Kinesthetic Learners!

Kinesthetic LearnersNeed kinesthetic teaching and lesson ideas?

Can't find homeschool curriculum that your Kinesthetic Learner will sit through?

 My newest pages fully explain these wonderful children and how they learn. You'll find specific teaching and lesson ideas, a downloadable lesson planning worksheet plus curriculum recommendations.

3. Testimonials/Comments/Feedback

Let me know your thoughts, comments and testimonials! 

4. Lesson Ideas - The Older Teach The Younger

Here is your assignment for May...

May - The Older Teach The Younger
"A study at Stanford University found that peer tutoring was four times more effective for improving math and reading than reduced class size or lengthened instruction time." (The Accelerated Learning Handbook, pg 16)  

This month have your older children tutor your younger children. You will be surprised at how much your older children know and how fast your younger children learn. (You can also have an older cousin or friend join in.)

I've had great success with this. My oldest has taught my middle daughter most of her letter sounds 'playing' school.

5. Discover Your Child's Learning Style

How To Stop Learning Problems 
and Improve Academic Success!

FREE Action Guide helps you choose homeschool curriculum and create lessons!

Every child succeeds when learning according to their learning style. Find out your child's learning style and...
        • Know exactly which curriculum to buy
        • Difficult subjects become easier
        • Teach confidently knowing you are teaching exactly how your child learns best
        • Learning is accelerated
        • Self-esteem and confidence soar
        • Learning problems are eliminated

6. Teaching Tip - Improve Spelling For Visual Spatial Learners

If you’ve tried a few spelling programs in your quest to help your Visual Spatial child become a better speller…you’re not alone!

Visual Spatial learners do not learn sequentially, which is why most spelling programs don’t work.

Visual Spatial learners learn through pictures and illustrations. They think in pictures. Once they have a picture of the concept, they've got it! No need for repetition and drill.

I put this spelling method together for my Visual Spatial daughter. It’s simple, FREE, and it works! (Download the full document.)

1. Where to find spelling words.
Use words from a spelling program or from your child’s writing.

2. Pre-test orally to create a spelling list.
Do an oral pre-test to create a list of spelling words to study.  Why an oral pre-test? Visual Spatial learners often misspell words they know how to spell when writing.

3. Create picture flashcards.
Have your child draw a picture about the misspelled word on an index card. For faster recall, try to incorporate the word itself into the picture.

Make sure the letters stand out with colors or designs. Here are two examples. The first is for the word ‘trade’. You may be thinking, “it’s hard to read.” As a Visual Print learner I agree. But for my Visual Spatial daughter, she was able to recall the word correctly after studying the card only one time! (Plus she has spelled it correctly on all the review tests and in her daily writing.)

In interest of space this is the first part of the spelling method. Download the rest of this FREE spelling method

7. Helpful Homeschooling Resources

The Full Year Notebook System

Get and Stay Organized
With The Last Homeschool Organizer
You'll Ever Need

This fresh approach to organizing your homeschool curriculum offers...

  • Step-by-step instructions to organize your entire school year in one handy notebook for each child.
  • Works with any homeschool method - from textbooks to unschooling to creating your own curriculum.
  • No more worries over creating accurate transcripts. 
  • Includes tips on planning high school years.
  • Includes forms for weekly assignments pages, extra-curricular worksheets, and subject assignment pages.
  • Non-consumable - use for multiple children, year after year.

8. Answers - Single Curriculum vs. Mix & Match

Q- I'm just starting out with homeschooling and was wondering if I should purchase a curriculum or should I try and put together my own each year?
- L. Barnes

A- It depends!"

I'm not trying to teeter on the fence. But the answer will be different for different families. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself. Your answers will guide you to what's going to work best for you!

1. Do you have a few hours per week (or a week or two during the summer) to plan lessons?
Yes - Mix & Match
No - Single Curriculum

2. Do you enjoy planning, researching, and gathering resources? 
Yes - Mix & Match
No - Single Curriculum

I would also caution you to not put too much on your plate during your first year of homeschooling. There are a lot of adjustments to be made for you and your children. I wish you the best!
Have a homeschooling question? Ask me now!
Your question will be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

9. Curriculum Review - Mathematics Their Way K-2

Mathematics Their WayMathematics Their Way

This activity-centered math program is a great fit for kinesthetic and visual-spatial learners. It primarily teaches through direct experience with a few worksheets sprinkled throughout.

Mathematics Their Way was written for classrooms but it is very adaptable for homeschool use. There are a few activities that require a group. I simply skipped these. There are enough individual activities for the concept to be learned.

Lesson Overview:
At the beginning of each activity the author lists the skills to be learned, materials needed, and a detailed description of how to do the activity (with pictures for us visual-spatial learners!). Here is a sample lesson.

The author encourages you to set up an area for previously used activities. This way your child can work independently with the activities throughout the week.

Materials Needed:
The materials you need for the activities are mostly items you can buy from the store (dried beans, egg cartons, index cards) or make yourself (color tiles, pattern blocks).

Geoboards and unifix cubes are used quite a bit so you would want to purchase these. There is a Glossary of Materials so you can quickly survey what you need to collect.

If you purchase this used you may not get the blackline masters. The publisher offers free PDF downloads of the blackline masters.

Teaching Helps:
There are assessments (very low-key) sprinkled throughout which is handy for making sure your child is ready for the next concept. There are no written tests. (Another reason it works so well with Kinesthetic and Visual-Spatial learners!)

Learning Styles: Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial, Inventing, Performing

Grades: K-2

Parent Time:
1/2 hour prep each week (gathering materials, copying the blackline masters), 1/2 hour daily instruction depending on how many activities you do.

Child Time:
1/2 hour daily instruction depending on how many activities you do. Can work independently on previously used activities.

10. Encouragement - You Are Important!

Happy Mother's Day!

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs...
since the payment is pure love. 
~Mildred B. Vermont

Mothering can be a thankless job at times. Know that YOU are the most influential and important person in your child's life. You are raising the next generation of scientists, inventors, politicians, community leaders, reformers, doctors, and most importantly...mothers and fathers!

I want to thank you for all of your dedication, patience, and determination in raising  children that will create the world of tomorrow. You are my hero!

Be sure and take some time this month to celebrate yourself!

11. Curriculum Recommendations

Homeschool Curriculum Package

Find The Right Curriculum - 
The First Time!

Avoid wasting money on homeschool curriculum that collects dust on your bookshelves.

Save time and money by choosing curriculum geared to your child's learning style!

12. FREE Lesson Plans - Carry on Mr. Bowditch

Get ready to build, create, and design your way into the life of Nathanial Bowditch!

These 18 lesson ideas will engage your Auditory, Kinesthetic and Visual learners to learn about 18th/19th Century sailing in a way they've never experienced before!

Use these lesson ideas as a literature unit in your American history curriculum. Print out for easy reference or file away for future use!

If your current history curriculum isn't working, find American History curriculum resources geared to your child's learning style.

Download the Carry On Mr. Bowditch Lesson Plans.

Tell me what lesson plans you want to see next!

13. FREE Homeschooling Resources - Updated!

As a thank you for reading the Free Lesson Plans ezine, I have put together a page of FREE homeschooling resources just for you!

Need a list of great literature? It's here. Need homeschooling high school advice? It's here too!

Regardless of where you are in your homeschooling journey, I’m here to provide you the tools you need for your child’s success.

If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

To Your Success!

P.S. If you've learned something new pass it on!

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