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How To Develop Your Child's Talents
May 20, 2010

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How To Develop Your Child's Talents

Talents are natural learning abilities. Do you have a constant "doodler" in the family? How about a math whiz? Any animal lovers in the house?

Use your child's natural learning abilities to enhance learning.

Here are examples of studying world history using each of the 12 talents from the Self-Portrait Learning Styles Profile...
  1. Body coordination - Skilled in sports, bicycling, hiking, typing, using tools, and sewing. Create a model of a roman city.

  2. Enhancing daily life - Enjoys cooking, decorating, organizing living spaces, and enhancing everyday places and routines. Cook time period/cultural meals.

  3. Humor - Loves to have fun! Skilled at making even the dullest activity humorous. Draw a cartoon strip depicting the French Revolution.

  4. Interactive animals - Skilled in interacting with animals. Easily learns anything related to animal. Research the types and uses of animals in nomadic cultures.

  5. Interactive nature - Enjoys being outside investigating nature. Can easily learn anything related to nature. Compare and contrast the physical environment of ancient and modern China.

  6. Interactive others - Enjoys social activities, working in groups, interacting with others. Skilled at understanding people. Work with a partner to demonstrate a day in the life of an Egyptian.

  7. Interactive self - Enjoys being alone and working independently. Easily works from a list of assignments and completes tasks in own way.  Journal after each day's reading. 

  8. Math-logic reasoning - Easily sees math patterns, understands concepts, skilled at logic problems and games. Research and demonstrate the type of mathematics used during that period.

  9. Mechanical reasoning - Loves to figure out how things work through inventing, building, and taking things apart. Demonstrate how Roman aqueducts worked.

  10. Music - Skilled in playing instruments, singing, memorizing songs, enjoys listening to music. Enjoy listening to period music, re-create period instruments.

  11. Spatial - Skilled in drawing, copying pictures/designs, and knowing where things are. Enjoys jigsaw puzzles, mazes, and doodling. Create a diagram of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

  12. Word-language reasoning - Skilled in spelling, reading, talking, memorizing facts, and learning vocabulary. Enjoys discussions and different forms of writing. Write a poem about your favorite scene from the Trojan War.
Find out your child's talents by taking the Self-Portrait Learning Style Profile. The profile includes ideas for supporting your child's talents in his school work.

Here's the bottom line: Brainstorm ways to incorporate your child's talents into her school subjects for improved confidence and learning.

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How pursuing interests improves learning.

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